How to get rid of Monday Blues

Mondays in the office may be a crossroad for some if not all. Oftentimes this is called Monday Blues. You feel tired, lethargic and very much passive after a weekend of downtime. Believe it or not, this has something to do with your body clock.

Since there is no work schedule on a weekend, you spend overtime under your duvet or cuddling your bolster. You may have pushed back your bedtime on a Friday night for a booze with friends or purposely just didn’t set the alarm to wake up like how you get up on a normal work week. Contrastive sleeping pattern on the weekends over weekdays can wreak havoc your internal body clock and throws you off balance.

As a result, you may experience a “social jet lag” (a more sophisticated phrase for Monday Blues), a term coined by Dr. Till Roenneberg from Institute of Medical Psychology, University of Munich.

Social jet lag is due to the shift in sleep pattern that people experience during days off. Here’s the catch, his study shows that a change on sleep schedule is linked to obesity, Read More »

3 fun facts of our National Hero and my Best friend who both celebrate their name day today

Unknown to few, today, June 19, we celebrate the birthday of our dear National Hero Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. Lolo Joe, as I name him, led Filipinos outset a revolution against the Spanish Government for us to attain freedom and gain control of our country.

Be it known to all, today, June 19, also happens to be the birthday of one of my personal heroes- my girl best friend for 10 years. J, as I fondly call her led me out from obscurity and brought back my guile and acuity.

Not by luck but providence did it on purpose both Js be born this day. They have so much resemblance. Few fun facts below.

Fun Fact 1: Lolo Joe is known to be a propagandist and for his manner of fighting the Spanish Government through his written works revealing Spaniards inhumane manipulation. He chose not to have a bloody war to fight for our freedom.

J is a propagandist by action since she is an advocate of silent wars. She culls to settle disputes through sending me long-sentimental SMS narrating my barbaric behavior. I end up ignoring her for I know hangry stomach has just took over her overall sanity. In other words, she’s in tantrums and the only antidote is good food.

Fun Fact 2: Lolo Joe is one of the few recognized “Renaissance Man” in the world. Editors Note: A renaissance man is a well-educated person and one who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields.

By description, J too. She is a teacher, philanthropist, dancer, singer, writer, theater actress, journalist, dramatist, enthusiast, traveler and more.  She values education at a loft. In fact, our planned gala for this month has to be cancelled to give way to her TESOL classes. Yet, this exploit makes me even more proud of her. Go reach for the stars. Editor’s note: TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speaker’s of Other Languages, a teaching qualification in the field of English language learning and teaching.

Fun fact 3: At one time when Lolo Joe was a medical student in Madrid circa 1882, he didn’t take a bath for 136 days. He wrote his sister Maria about it for 2 reasons. First, he has not perspired because of cold weather. Second, baths were expensive and he must have been conserving his limited funds.

During our heydays in College, there was a time when J didn’t bathe for a week. She told me about it for 2 reasons.First, she had “patutho” from a Manong in her town to treat a quirky illness – fever! The tutho has to linger for days so to heal. Second,  she is simply an obedient daughter following her parent’s instruction. I commended her humor and forbearance cautiously disguising my ridicule. Truce girl. At least now, after our recent trip from Divine Mercy, CDO, we knew seeing “quacks” is against our faith. Editor’s Note: Patutho is a style of quack healing in which a person spews spittle or saliva in your entire body. The spittle is believed to bring healing to any afflictions.  

Kidding aside, the truest fact in a nutshell is… Like Lolo Joe, J is a very high-spirited warrior with so much vigor compound to everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she will alsomake a history.

Today, June 19, marks her blessed day.

The Lady in Red is posing with me. Happy Birthday J.

An open letter to my one and only on Father’s Day

He is…

William Shakespeare whose poesies and balladries thump my heart

Mozart and Beethoven whose compositions throb my soul

Tim Berners-Lee for for he brings the world closer to mine

Walt Disney for he animates this little world I breathe in

John Travolta whose flamboyant moves keep me enthralled

Elvis Presley whose melodious voice hold me enchanted 

Sigmund Freud who can simply steer my highly-emotional personality

Archimedes who can easily formulate remedy – I call it 20 seconds healing hugs

Hercules who is always on guard

Eddi Murphy who makes me laugh out loud

Confucius whose disciplines never fail to influence – Yes, I’ll be a good girl

P. Duterte who hates feller psst and er

The Greatest Catechist whose teachings lead me to true Christianity

The prayer warrior whose love and prayers always accompany

Photo taken last 2012 on my Graduation Day. My Pap has always been proud of me, most especially today when I graduated as Magna Cum Laude. I graduated No.1 in CAS but I was still gloomy for not receiving the highest honors. In fact, no one in the entire University received the highest honors that year. I was almost getting it with a point difference. Yet he told me, “Smile little girl. This is your greatest gift to me. Overjoyed is an understatement for Papa today.”

He is my one and only.

Same blood runs through mine

He is my one and only.

I have his eyes.

He is my one and only.

He is my daddy.

Happy Father’s Day Pap!

It’s been 6 years.

Tell me what heaven feels like, please.

Photo taken during his 6th Anniversary with God.

How I become Ian The Pedestrian

Curtaining a client meeting after midnight, I hopped on my car and drove with a pounding head.  On the way home I met an accident. My car (AA) was severely damaged, kaput requiring a 3-month repair in casa, while I had some minor injuries entailing a-week hospital care. 

AA being away for long meant no personal service to work once I’m out from the hospital. I had to find ways so I started guesstimating my travel expenses per diem. Grab and Uber are too expensive without promo codes. No buses pass by my worksite and I had horrifying encounter riding jeepneys and habal-habal alone. Left with the only practical choice, I decided to be a pedestrian.

I laughed. I remembered soliloquizing of having a tone physique.  I didn’t know serendipity has its queer way of effectuating a seemingly rhetorical statement.

With a backpack, I trekked the streets of Cebu: from apartment to church for daily service (0.6km); church to worksite (1.4km); worksite to sports complex for belly dance (3.4km); sports complex to apartment (2.5km) and repeat for the next 3 months. I’d be lucky if Mo would offer to pick me up. Nevertheless, I was surprisingly enjoying my pedestrian experience. 

Who am I now?

Today, Ian the Pedestrian limns a multifaceted image – an epicure, a warrior, a cosmopolite, a romantic lover, a meander, a pilgrim and an avid traveler. 

I am Ian The Pedestrian – a native Cebuana and a Pilgrim of this world. Welcome to my beautiful adventure!