How I become Ian The Pedestrian

Curtaining a client meeting after midnight, I hopped on my compact car and drove with a pounding head.  OTW home, I met an accident. My car, Picachu (she), was in complete fiasco and I spent a-week sojourn in hospice. Getting back on feet, I learned that I had to wait for 3 months before casa can unreservedly fix her.

I laughed.

I remembered soliloquizing of having a tone physique through trekking. I didn’t know serendipity has its queer way of effectuating a seemingly rhetorical statement.

Then, suddenly I was on deep thought mentally guesstimating my travel expenses per diem.

Grab and Uber are too expensive without promo codes; no buses pass by my worksite and I had an unpleasant experience riding jeepneys and habal-habal alone.

Left with the only practical choice, I decided to be a pedestrian.

With a backpack, I ambled the streets of Cebu: from apartment to church for daily service (0.6km); church to worksite (1.4km); worksite to sports complex for belly dance (3.4km); sports complex to apartment (2.5km); and repeat, for the next 3 months. I’d be lucky if Mo would offer to pick me up, nevertheless, I was slowly becoming accustomed with the routine and I relished such moments being on streets.

It vaguely started that way about a year ago. Thereupon, Ian the Pedestrian was devised solely to describe Ian’s actions of hitting the road on foot.

Who am I? 


Today, Ian the Pedestrian limns a multifaceted image – a cosmopolite, a fighter, a lover, a gourmand, a meander, a pilgrim and a traveler of this (un)/earthly life (although, I prefer to be closely associated with a free-spirited pilgrim for it directly recounts my identity).

I am Ian The Pedestrian – a native Cebuana and a Pilgrim of this world.

Welcome to my adventure!

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