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What does our National Hero and my BFF have in common?

Unknown to few, today, June 19, we celebrate the birthday of our dear National Hero Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. Lolo Joe, as I name him, led Filipinos outsat a revolution against the Spanish Government for us to attain freedom and gain control of our country.

Be it known to all, today, also happens to be the birthday of one of my personal heroes- my girl best friend for 10 years. J, as I fondly call her led me out from obscurity and brought back my guile and acuity.

Not by luck but providence did it on purpose both Js be born today. Both have so much in common. Few fun facts below.

Fun Fact 1: Lolo Joe is known to be a propagandist and for his manner of fighting the Spanish Government through his written works revealing Spaniards inhumane manipulation. He chose not to have a bloody war to fight for our freedom.

J is a propagandist by action since she is an advocate of silent wars. She culls to settle disputes through sending me long-sentimental SMS narrating my barbaric behaviour. While I… I always end up ignoring her for I know hangry stomach must have took over her overall sanity. In other words, she normally would’ve pangs of tantrums and the only antidote is good food.

Fun Fact 2: Lolo Joe is one of the few recognised “Renaissance Man” in the world. Editors Note: A renaissance man is a well-educated person and one who excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields.

By description, J too. She is a teacher, philanthropist, dancer, singer, writer, theater actress, journalist, dramatist, enthusiast, traveler and more.  She values education at a loft. In fact, our planned gala for this month has to be cancelled to give way to her TESOL classes. Yet, this exploit makes me even more proud of her. Go reach for the stars. Editor’s note: TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speaker’s of Other Languages, a teaching qualification in the field of English language learning and teaching.

Fun fact 3: At one time when Lolo Joe was a medical student in Madrid circa 1882, he didn’t take a bath for 136 days. He wrote his sister Maria about it for 2 reasons. First, he has not perspired because of cold weather. Second, baths were expensive and he was conserving his limited funds.

During our heydays in College, there was a time when J didn’t bathe for a week. She told me about it for 2 reasons. First, she had “patutho” from a Manong in her town to treat a quirky illness – flu! The tutho has to linger on her skin for days so to heal her. Second,  she’s undeniably too obedient obeying her parent’s instruction. I commended her humor and forbearance cautiously disguising my ridicule. Truce girl! At least now, after our recent trip in Divine Mercy, CDO, we knew seeing “quacks” is against our faith. Editor’s Note: Patutho is a style of quack healing in which a person spews spittle or saliva in your entire body. The spittle is believed to bring healing to any afflictions.  

Kidding aside, the truest fact in a nutshell is… Like Lolo Joe, J is a very high-spirited warrior with so much vigor compound to everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day she will also make a history.

Today, marks her blessed day.

The Lady in Red is posing with me. Happy Birthday J.

6 responses to “What does our National Hero and my BFF have in common?”

  1. Wew! Thanks M. Love it!Let’s make history together. To more travels and adventures.💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ianthepedestrian Avatar

      We will make history. Let’s start with Don Moen!


  2. And I have the most awkard smile on that photo. Lol.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ianthepedestrian Avatar

      I think Lolo Joe too.. since normally he posed sideways.


  3. Thank you M mwah! So touched with this. Best birthday gift ever. You are the awesomest bestfriend ever. And I do hope I make history.

    P.S hahahhangry pangst are craziEST jud hehe😁😂😀😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ianthepedestrian Avatar

      Halah! Kadaghan ug comment. Ginalingan besh!


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