Normal day defines

A normal day is like listening to the music my body plays. *Let me call her she because she’s quiet tender and delicate. Sometimes I hear slower rhythm. Sometimes I hear upbeats. Sometimes just the right mix. From there, I just dance myself suitably so I can hopefully relish a beautiful day every day.

I wake up at 6:30am to prepare for office. At least I’d need 1 ½ hours to get ready. Big chunk of the time actually goes to skin care routine. Living with Lupus means I have to apply layers of sunblock at least 90 SPF in face and body. This is to avoid butterfly rashes and other allergies when serendipitously exposed to sunlight.  When at work, I grind with serene intensity. I find it very therapeutic so I happily work at my best.  I’m usually just donned in pants, jacket and sneakers as I go around much hopping from one site to another and I only wear corporate apparel when the time suggests.

I prefer to meet clients in the morning when my reasoning is at its peak and send emails by noon when I’m less disturbed because everyone is out enjoying their lunch. Whenever there are no work sessions or meetings in the afternoon (seldomly happens), I typically proceed with all the paper works. By 6pm, I have to be on the way home.

The body plays strong and lively music during the day and I tend to sway my hips on every beat. At times, I wouldn’t notice any motion of pangs for I always get carried away. Hence, I just go on. However,when night befalls, accumulated fatigue would emanate the entire system (around 7PM) weaved with joint pain, headache, fever, itchiness or a combination of all. This normally happens when I insensibly overexert energy and waves during daytime. The body would start transitioning to a melancholic music – slow,slower to a mum and I just have to rock along with it through getting enough rest.

Sometimes I would’ve trouble sleeping when in flare or when pain reaches its zenith. Sometimes, I would have episodes of forgetting things or occurrences. Sometimes I just really want to lie down in bed as what the body dictates. It really depends on the severity of the malaise and exposure to smoke and sun light is a contributor second to contracting infection from anyone or anywhere. So, when rest is not enough, I rest some more to recover.

This daily routine is simply knowing the right mix to keep on moving forward. It’s balancing the common sense and physical amplitude – when is too much not much and when is less enough. When the mind desires for something, I always try to ask the body if she can sustain it. If the mind is incognizant, then I do a rain check. If it still insists, then I consult a friend to keep me prudent. It’s easy being said than done but getting back a good health is not an overnight work. I work hard for it every day.

Today, there are now more days I feel indefatigable and these moments are blessed. Blessed to freely dance to the beat parapapampam and sing to the melody nanana. I guess the right blending works. My current medical results are within a great range and I can now slowly perform activities I want to linger apart from doing the mainstream.

Just recently, I have opened myself to more travel escapades and other self-enriching activities. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to share my wonderful, surprising journey with you all.

Due to my history of personal chagrin with medicines, most especially when in flare, my best friend is now helping me managing these . This pill box is being replenished daily to avoid taking more than the required daily dosage. It’s true! Many times, I have experienced being unable to recall selective occurrences. Have you ever felt like you have to fill in some gaps when you wake up in the morning? You think so hard and ask yourself what happened and why are there too many empty medicine wrappers on the table? I get that a lot. Disoriented, I just pray for tranquility and look forward to becoming better each day.
This photo was taken in SM Aura, Manila during my 3-day immersion. As the Head of Leasing and Commercial Operations, basically, my job description is to get clients to lease all retail, residential, office and parking spaces of CLI; to operate retail establishments; and to manage clientele. Part of the job is to go around – check (try, experience) malls, strips, retail and office concepts. I also travel often to join congresses and summits to expand my network. You will seldomly see my in the Corporate Office except if I have to report to management. I also prefer to be on the job site where the action is.  

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