Catch me

I saw you again today

Those eyes, they’re so sincere

Your smile, it’s so unfeigned

Your face — oh, royalty is a subtlety.


I spoke to you again today. 

Oh my Lord, those lips are so sultry

Your personality, so earnest

Your heart – sterling and undiluted.


I have smiled with you today. Yehey!

Those twinkles we put on our faces

Those moments we have shared

My, my my! Beautiful just as it is.


Yes, my love. 

Seeing you from my Mac is more than enough 

Though I wish someday I can feel that warmth

Feel that breath… that touch… that spark. 


Sorry, my love. 

To be honest, it is never enough

I want more, more of you. 

Your time. Your weekends. Your presence. 


No, wait. Want is a faux-pas cue

When I actually need you

I need the animated you close to me. 

Keep me company. Stay beside me. 


I’m not sure if you knew though

Or if you’ve read me before

I never wanted to plough in. Not at all.

Avoided you at all costs. Diverted my attention. 


Yes, for real!

Felt like you’re too-good-to-be-true then

Thought you’re a con 

Literally, like a seasoned handsome boondoggle. 


But then, things advanced. 

Unearthed your treasure troves. 

Known your echoes.

Discovered your hiccups


Vavavoom! Just like that, you got me there. 

Now all I want is to show you I care. 

Pinky swear, I want you to feel that I do really care. 

Oh God, I am so smitten. 


Though, at times, I cannot help but feel pain. 

The sitch, the circumstance got me thinkin’

And when you start blurting her – not the past but the present

Abysmal. Deep cut. Through and through sting. 


What can I do. It is what it is. 

So, come now. I am waitin’. 

Then you can take a look at my inner bein’. 

See and hear what it screams.


I have fallen. 

11 thoughts on “Catch me

  1. I’m sure this unfiltered, one of your midnight bubble thoughts, Nak? You want my 2-cents?

    When you fall and he catches you, that is good. But if he keeps you, treat you like a delicate flower, water you to grow, bloom and not leave to wither, then praise the good Lord He is for keep. Nak, God bless you, your heart and your intention and May your dad guide you always. I love you and always look after yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sometimes we are left speechless by a genuine sign of affection. Especially during times of neglect, that we’ve grown so accustomed to, that we’ve slowly accepted them as our duty to take care of others and serving them as their faithful slave, all whilst gradually forgetting who we really are, what drives us, what used to make our heart beat just a little bit faster.
        Therefore, when something or someone appears to jumpstart your inner being, your heart and your soul, you just get caught off guard in such ways that leave you lost for words.

        Just keep in mind that actions speak louder than words and true feelings often need only that, without much of a linguistic elaboration.

        So, long story short, I concur … that emoji should in fact be considered very inspiring.

        Liked by 1 person

        • You know what, I was rereading this comment and then I realise someone who wrote this has a very deep scar on his heart. The world “slave” here is too strong (like Herculean kind of strong) and it just really irks me, no kidding! We are only given a very short time to live our lives so let’s make it worthwhile. It means that we should focus on putting value to ourselves and never let anyone treat us a slave! Luxury value and not a nil, just to be clear. So start weeding out those people who don’t appreciate, support and value you. Leave! You are precious. You should be taken good care of in a very delicate and graceful manner cos you (yes you) deserve that and all the love in between. Look after yourself and keep yourself warm in this cold weather. 😍


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