Will you ever?

I had this draft in my carriage for more than a month 

Frit and overwrought, didn’t have the courage for publication 

But my dream last night emboldens me to take the tread

So, I say, que sera sera, let’s do this!


Up to now I still cannot believe, what was written a year ago became the reality of twenty-twenty-two 

On point, without missing a line as if I knew what is forthcoming

If you are following, it started from The Most Abhorred Alphabet Rune, to Silent Sob, down to Catch Me posts

Now this one as the continuation


Geez, it creeps the hell out of me. I am not a clairvoyant!

I was just merely a romantic soul then pouring my heart out into writing 

Imagining my perfectly imperfect lover in a perfectly imperfect sphere

Genuinely loving each other despite all the boulders


K had been animated – from an imagery to a warm flesh

Brought to life, brought to me as if to fulfil a message and a quest 

A message to not give up love

A quest to tell me I am worth it


Oh, I love you K. 

No, I am crazily in love with you

You are now my favourite alphabet letter– one that I will forever regard

But will you ever? 


Will you ever realise 

How much you’ve allowed me to experience that something rigid to find 

Unconditional love that exists, one that completes and fulfils every part

A gift, a destiny, a soulmate I am able to finally feel, smell and touch


Will you ever understand 

How much I can give and how much I can risk 

That even the most hurtful jabber from Mother Earth I could elegantly take

Just to keep you not just today or tomorrow but until our last breaths


Will you ever fully know

How deep I could endure and how much I could sacrifice 

That even the most painful pricks from the wagging tongues of human breeds I can graciously bear

Just to be with you not just until our last breaths but until the next phase  


Will you ever fully feel

How much you’ve touched my life and how much you’ve changed it for the better

That even my strongest I-don’t-care default character was buried 6-feet under 

Just to show how much you mean


Will you ever be at peace 

That I can wait, faithfully (like you always say) 

Though you have to spruce things out religiously (like I always say)

Protect what’s yours at all costs not just for me but for the future of the tiny tootsies


I know it’s a sounding yes 

But just a reminder to keep the innocence 

Blessings from heaven are still the best 

For a lifelong covenant we both will take


Twenty -twenty-three, I will be waiting in the island 

Hopeful. Prayerful. Faithful.

Will you ever come?

Will my favourite letter and the first letter of your name be your answer?


Oh, will you ever…

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