It’s been a year, but I haven’t totally gone incognito. I wanted to focus on my dissertation and the rest of my energy went to writing contents for Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Business School whilst simultaneously doing random travails hither and thither. I know right, I was just trying to sound sophisticated with my words. The truth, I was really busy uncovering the different tabs of my seemingly picturesque life. England made me experience everything: slog, rugged and cherry. Management trainee, hotel receptionist, waitress, casino valet, teacher, event coordinator, occasional worker and many more just to survive – the slog part. Heartaches, rejections, abandonment, failures, loss, anxiety and few more which almost polarised me completely – the rugged part. Wins, celebrations, acquisitions, friendship , connections, travels, romantic affair which brought my body and soul back together – the cherry part.

Good news is…I already graduated from my MBA last July 2022. Hard work paid off as I graduated with distinctions. Distinctions is equivalent to first in PH standard. Happy to announce also that in a month time, I will be trotting the streets of Cebu again probably in my white hard hat an neon vest. Yes, and that is for good. I will be back to handle the Commercial Leasing and Operations of CLI hopefully bringing fresh perspectives learned from here to beef up the department.

Anyhoo, I am not sure if all of you have read my latest post. Surely some did as I have received a number of emails with interesting questions. Hence, here is a little something. 

I have found K or he has found me. Whichever. Everything that I wrote a year ago speaks and encompasses the K I am with today. It’s uncanny. It’s mysterious but as what Oscar Wilde says, “the mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death”. Just when I was about to give up finding romantic love, love magically appears out of nowhere in the most surprising affair. Glory be, the fictional K was animated. Looking at K now from the CCTV monitor makes me ask the universe – what have I done to deserve this love. He’s exquisite and I look forward to tend that exquisiteness incessantly.

Everything I have now is all I could ever ask for. I am finally taken, not taken for granted but officially abducted by the character I was only imagining last year. Well nurtured. Well cared. Ultimately loved. I guess my va-va-voom weight could tell and probably my infectious smile as well. Although part of me still worries with all the what-ifs from my insecure psyche. The most terrorising above all is the absurd ween that I might just be the journey not the destination. It will surely break me but at least in this existence I have experienced the magic and spark of a great unexpected love brought by the cupids. The days and months I won’t be seeing K would also handicapped me. I don’t know if I will ever see him again once I go back home? Hence, composing my very self to be strong using pinches of reservations.

There’s so much to write. There’s so much I could tell but I will leave it here for now so I could get back to him and make the most of our numbered moments here.

Editor’s Note: Wrote this from the back office lovingly looking at him from the monitor whilst he is working. Also, I didn’t expect that I will be writing love contents on this site. For the longest time, I was planning to write about studying abroad, getting a scholarship, surviving in the foreign land as an International Student, etc., in the hope to help other dreamers as well. Big plans for all of these, but I just couldn’t get to write it here as I thought that the articles I wrote for the Uni’s site and all the videos Uni and I have created will be enough so I could keep this site personal as it should be.

Here are some articles published before:

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