The P.H.A.T of Pho

Pretty Hot and Tasty: They always say ‘look up’ to find answers above. I’m not in quest for answers. I am sincerely asking high heavens to make me belch. Oh, definitely gasping for air and is feeling frozen due to overeating.  How can I spurn Pho’s classic aromatic vegetable and beef broth? Definitely, harder to say NO especially when paired with rice rolls and peanut sauce.

No victual pictures to keep you titillated but only a tease of my satiated face.

You may visit all their branches at:


  1. Crossroad Mall, Banilad – +6332 416 2442
  2. Robinson’s Cybergate  – +6332 238 6825
  3. Ayala Terraces, – +6332 410 9687
  4. Skyrise 2, IT Park – +6332 416 2442
  5. SM Northwing
  6. SM Seaside


  1. Serendra, Bonifacio Global City – +632 843 0820
  2. Power Plant Mall, Rockwell – +632 750 6613

I heart you Nonki

It’s been 8 years and and up until now I’m still enamored by you. Your certain oomph always lingers as if telling me I’m fixated of you.  How much I wish I could be with you daily but I am only a bourgeoisie.

So, seeing you once a month already makes me perky. A sip of your aromatic tea with my all-time favourite, California Maki echoes authenticity – one and only in the City.

It’s great to have you. It’s even greater to see you today. You always totally satisfy me and my yearning belly. You are worth my recommendation and I wish you gain more patrons. Just like me, 8 years of being together is quiet a journey. I just heart you Nonki!

My usual order has always been california maki and  house tea. Today, belly yearns for more variety. Totally pleasurable piquancy!
Ready for round 2?

You may visit all branches of Nonki at:

  1. Main Branch -219 A. S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu – +6332 344 5837
  2. Ground Floor, One Pavilion Mall, Banawa – +6322 505 7638
  3. UpperGround Floor, Sm City Cebu – +6332 232 7712

Looking for an authentic Indian Cuisine in Cebu? Bollywood Tandoor is your go-to

Yesterday, I scribbled about Incredible India and enunciated how much I miss its dishes. Providentially, Mo invited me for lunch today and decided to go for Indian savory at Bollywood Tandoor.  It is both our first time to try this piquant. Though we always traverse the thoroughfare near this diner, we both didn’t really get the chance to drop by and try… until this very day.

Bollywood Tandoor is located right at the foot of Banilad flyover. It opened last 2016 sharing to the people of Cebu the flavourful taste of India. It offers a complete set of biz ranging from delectable food, cultural ambiance, scintillating entertainment, ambrosial boozes, all the way to charming customer service. Even the owners intermingle with its patrons. Prices come modestly too. In fact and to our awe, we received a discount on our bill today as they were celebrating their Year 2 anniversary.

Cebu is opportune having Bollywood Tandoor in the breath. A Cebuana doesn’t need to fly miles just to smack an authentic Indian Cuisine. This is your go-to place for a delectable and exquisite Indie foodie.

Filling this belly with these piquant. Oh, makes me feel like I’m back in India.


Why you should try Cebu’s famous Pungko-Pungko

One will never be regarded as truly Cebuana if she hasn’t experienced Cebu’s famous gastronomic food – Pungko Pungko. Pungko is a Visayan term which means to crouch or squat. I remember few years back, Pungko-Pungko vendors used to peddle basketful fried viands from one place to another. Then, at a corner or street where they see customers, they will do a momentary stop and start vending. My brother, James must be a fan of this stuff since he was the one who introduced this to me at a young age. Thereupon, when we’re in the downtown area of Cebu, we would try to snag Pungko Pungko vendors near Cebu Doctor’s Hospital in the hope to satisfy our cravings. That time, wooden stools weren’t promptly available, so we would just squat or crouch in the pavement after we don a transparent plastic in our hands and seize food from the makeshift table.

Today, Pungko-Pungko has evolved gregariously. Patrons no longer eat in crouching position but are comfortably settling in wooden pews. Pungko-Pungko stalls have also sprang everywhere. You usually find them in places near schools/universities, churches, or in places with high populace.

Current setup of Pungko-Pungko in Fuente Osmena. The lady in pale blue couldn’t just hide her full bite (she happens to be my colleague). Can you spot a foreign fellow trying it out too?

One of the most popular and accessible Pungko-Pungko places in Cebu is located in Fuente Osmena. There are about 20+ stalls in this stretch. Vendors lease a stall for a monthly low-fixed-rent and their spot is constantly reeled to have a fair share of revenue (since strategic location greatly impacts their sales level). Today, they may occupy the front most stall and tomorrow at the rearmost. Operating hours starts at 6am and ends at 9pm.

The way to enjoy Pungko-Pungko is to eat with pride. Although this may not be advisable for people with sensitive stomach, Pungko-Pungko remains the go-to place for frugal Cebuanas. With a fifty-peso budget, you can already relish a great meal. The basket is normally filled with these enslaving fried nom noms:

  • Ngohiong (Chinese Spring Rolls)- Php 10.00
  • Longganisa (Sausage) – Php 12.00
  • Pinakupsan (a fatty part of pork deeply fried using its own oil until it shrinks) – Php 15.00
  • Utok (swine’s brain) – Php 15.00
  • Ginabot (intestine) – Php 15.00
  • Lumpia Tague (spring roll bean sprouts) – Php 5.00
  • Crab meat – Php 20.00
  • Pasayan (Shrimps) – Php 20.00
  • Porkchop -Php 45.00
  • IMG_0246.jpg
  • A basketful addictive nom nom.

It is best to pair them with puso (hanging rice) which only cost Php 4.00.


Then soak them in vinegar-filled bowl packed with white onions and peppers, given for free by Kuya.


You can either choose water or soft drinks (normal offerings are pepsi products) as your refreshments.

Photo op with Kuya Jhonmar and Kuya Jione, the vendors of this stall. Today’s lunch with colleague costed us Php 198.00. Not a bad number for 2 people with severely gigantic appetite.

I’m glad this kind of gastronomy is gaining popularity. I hope you get to try this too. Certified nom nom from head to toe!