Will you ever?

I had this draft in my carriage for more than a month 

Frit and overwrought, didn’t have the courage for publication 

But my dream last night emboldens me to take the tread

So, I say, que sera sera, let’s do this!


Up to now I still cannot believe, what was written a year ago became the reality of twenty-twenty-two 

On point, without missing a line as if I knew what is forthcoming

If you are following, it started from The Most Abhorred Alphabet Rune, to Silent Sob, down to Catch Me posts

Now this one as the continuation


Geez, it creeps the hell out of me. I am not a clairvoyant!

I was just merely a romantic soul then pouring my heart out into writing 

Imagining my perfectly imperfect lover in a perfectly imperfect sphere

Genuinely loving each other despite all the boulders


K had been animated – from an imagery to a warm flesh

Brought to life, brought to me as if to fulfil a message and a quest 

A message to not give up love

A quest to tell me I am worth it


Oh, I love you K. 

No, I am crazily in love with you

You are now my favourite alphabet letter– one that I will forever regard

But will you ever? 


Will you ever realise 

How much you’ve allowed me to experience that something rigid to find 

Unconditional love that exists, one that completes and fulfils every part

A gift, a destiny, a soulmate I am able to finally feel, smell and touch


Will you ever understand 

How much I can give and how much I can risk 

That even the most hurtful jabber from Mother Earth I could elegantly take

Just to keep you not just today or tomorrow but until our last breaths


Will you ever fully know

How deep I could endure and how much I could sacrifice 

That even the most painful pricks from the wagging tongues of human breeds I can graciously bear

Just to be with you not just until our last breaths but until the next phase  


Will you ever fully feel

How much you’ve touched my life and how much you’ve changed it for the better

That even my strongest I-don’t-care default character was buried 6-feet under 

Just to show how much you mean


Will you ever be at peace 

That I can wait, faithfully (like you always say) 

Though you have to spruce things out religiously (like I always say)

Protect what’s yours at all costs not just for me but for the future of the tiny tootsies


I know it’s a sounding yes 

But just a reminder to keep the innocence 

Blessings from heaven are still the best 

For a lifelong covenant we both will take


Twenty -twenty-three, I will be waiting in the island 

Hopeful. Prayerful. Faithful.

Will you ever come?

Will my favourite letter and the first letter of your name be your answer?


Oh, will you ever…

Catch me

I saw you again today

Those eyes, they’re so sincere

Your smile, it’s so unfeigned

Your face — oh, royalty is a subtlety.


I spoke to you again today. 

Oh my Lord, those lips are so sultry

Your personality, so earnest

Your heart – sterling and undiluted.


I have smiled with you today. Yehey!

Those twinkles we put on our faces

Those moments we have shared

My, my my! Beautiful just as it is.


Yes, my love. 

Seeing you from an imagery is more than enough 

Though I wish someday I can feel that warmth

Feel that breath… that touch… that spark. 


Sorry, my love. 

To be honest, it is never enough

I want more, more of you. 

Your time. Your weekends. Your presence. 


No, wait. Want is a faux-pas cue

When I actually need you

I need the animated you close to me. 

Keep me company. Stay beside me. 


I’m not sure if you knew though

Or if you’ve read me before

I never wanted to plough in. Not at all.

Avoided you at all costs. Diverted my attention. 


Yes, for real!

Felt like you’re too-good-to-be-true then

Thought you’re a con 

Literally, like a seasoned handsome boondoggle. 


But then, things advanced. 

Unearthed your treasure troves. 

Known your echoes.

Discovered your hiccups


Vavavoom! Just like that, you got me there. 

Now all I want is to show you I care. 

Pinky swear, I want you to feel that I do really care. 

Oh God, I am so smitten. 


Though, at times, I cannot help but feel pain. 

The sitch, the circumstance got me thinkin’

And when you start blurting her – not the past but the present

Abysmal. Deep cut. Through and through sting. 


What can I do. It is what it is. 

So, come now. I am waitin’. 

Then you can take a look at my inner bein’. 

See and hear what it screams.


I have fallen. 

Editor’s Note: I have never met K or I don’t even know who is K but I have a feeling that my future will be K – as in OK. K?

The most abhorred Alphabet rune


The only reply that can provoke the world, as I told.

It’s every woman’s pet peeve. 

It’s every man’s bugaboo.



The only reply that can kill conversations, as I told

It’s gravelling. 

That’s it, great colloquies can cease in sec. 



Should we just blue – pencil you from the Alphabet?

Prance from J then L like you don’t exist

Tell me, will you shed tears?



Should we just expunge you from our twang.

Recce other options to avoid your labyrinthine chi

Tell me, will you mind?



Don’t worry. 

I am with you.

In fact, you bring me so much bliss



I see that different tale of you. 

Avid. Straightforward. Reassuring.

Such brevity, oh so sexy! 



From now on, you’re my beloved

Never taking you as a mere curt reply

And defo, not dubbing you a ne’er-do-well



You are a gift to the world – not to provoke.

A special zest to every powwow – not to halt.

And my favourite alphabet rune – not to con.



I am waiting.

Come now or will you ever?

Editor’s Note: No one knows who is K but I would like to honour this alphabet rune.

I scream for Phil

I don’t get why

The poor becomes poorer

The rich becomes richer

Innocent is incarcerated

Contrite is freed

Those who should be crying are laughing

Those who should be laughing are crying

I’ve had enough

I’ve had seen every single thing

Yet for long remained silent and torpid

Now listen to the uproars of my heart

Hear my intentions

Our country has never changed

Only the people that dwells on it

Power has become our God

And money as the ultimate measure of influence

When will we wake up?

To change

To care

To take pride

To love

To fight

I couldn’t do much except to keep asking

I am just a one tiny voice and even when I scream out loud

I still can’t be heard


Perhaps, if you scream with me

Someone from above will hear the echoes of our broken hearts.

So, scream.

I love you Phil.

Fix us all and bring back our high hopes to humanity.

There is still time.

I scream.

I scream, I Love you Phil. I smile for I still believe in my countrymen.

Special each moment

I never thought this day would be special

Because I always feel special even though it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Flowers, I get bouquets during heavy rains

Cakes, I get boxes when melancholic

Chocolates, I get tons ill or not

Cuddly toys ,I don’t need to say a word.

Prayers, a lot more than you can ever imagine

Understanding, every millisecond

Support, as always

Love, unconditional and no measure

How could it be so perfect?

It is not.

It is seeing perfections in every flaws.

Taking every scrutiny as a compliment

To modestly relinquish despair and embrace confidence

To be just grateful under any circumstance

Even in the midst of suffering and pain

Life is not perfect

A cliche we all know

Yet, it could be perfect with the way we grasp and understand

Happy Heart’s Day to all fellows closest to my heart.

Today is not just a time for lovers to rekindle their love but also a time to strengthen our relationship with our family, friends, colleagues, ourselves and above all with HIM.