PMS: Emotional whirlwind

All of a sudden eyes in mist

As if wet from flowing streamlet.

Bleeding heart all throughout waking hours

Pierced by pin pricks of varied kinds.

Looseness jerks in mind

Hard to dominate but has to die.

Yesterday a princess of smile and laughter

Today a white rose withering.

How could a woman be like this?

Happy- sad, cheerful- depressed

Alone in the suite pouring it in verses

Couldn’t help but weep hitting the letters.

Scared to reach out and be misread

Should I send a message or keep?

Mo, Bro are you there?

Nah! Keep writing here until slumber.

Tonight be a very sweet dream

Looking forward to a beautiful nightmare

Wake up tomorrow and start all over.

I pray this PMS to end.

Editors Note: Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS attributes to the emotional and physical symptoms experienced by a woman a week before her period. The magnitude of symptoms differs from person to person and most common of all is the change of mood. Normally, this wanes after the first day of bleeding.

A footprint of love

There are days I crave the sands, waves and sunsets.

Gritty sands of black and white;

Deep waves of royal blue;

Bold sunsets of saffron hue.

When in distress I look for these

To encrust worn-out feet;

Calm cluttered mind;

Rest jaded eyes.

Today, I’ve had time

Nonattachment and weightlessness

Subtle and sweet

Such a stress relief.

Stared the water,

“Why just now?”, I soliloquised.

Perhaps scared of the sunrays?

Or unable to make time?

I know, I should have done this a long time

At least today it’s ratified.

Should there be a next time?

I will try.

But I want him by my side

Walking in the shoreline

Hum hum hum I sing

A footprint of love stapled on the scene.

Then, I made a little prayer.

Just as the ocean takes cue from the wind

I take mine from the Creator of wonders

An unimaginable depth…

Should I revere or fear?


An open letter to my one and only on Father’s Day

He is…

William Shakespeare whose poesies and balladries thump my heart

Mozart and Beethoven whose compositions throb my soul

Tim Berners-Lee for for he brings the world closer to mine

Walt Disney for he animates this little world I breathe in

John Travolta whose flamboyant moves keep me enthralled

Elvis Presley whose melodious voice hold me enchanted 

Sigmund Freud who can simply steer my highly-emotional personality

Archimedes who can easily formulate remedy – I call it 20 seconds healing hugs

Hercules who is always on guard

Eddi Murphy who makes me laugh out loud

Confucius whose disciplines never fail to influence – Yes, I’ll be a good girl

P. Duterte who hates feller psst and er

The Greatest Catechist whose teachings lead me to true Christianity

The prayer warrior whose love and prayers always accompany

He is my one and only.

Same blood runs through mine

He is my one and only.

I have his eyes.

He is my one and only.

He is my daddy.

Happy Father’s Day Pap!

It’s been 6 years.

Tell me what heaven feels like, please.

May it be academic or extra-curricular events, he always grace his presence to support me. So much positive chi when he is around. I am keeping him close to my heart. If ever you see me with that gold necklace hanging around my neck, you know what it means. ❤️