Her heart. Her Soul. The Jazz on Her Stroll

05 JUNE 2018

The Alliteration

Ian The Pedestrian was coined when in 2015 I met an accident. Literally, my car was a complete kaput requiring a 3-month casa repair. Leaving me with no choice, I had to be a pedestrian since I feel a bit antsy riding public transportations or asking favour from folks to bring me wheresoever.

I laughed.

I remembered soliloquising a toned physique. I didn’t know serendipity has its queer way of effectuating a seemingly rhetorical statement. Nonetheless, I had great time strolling the streets of Cebu then. Pew!

The writer

She is no-one but is phlegmatic in becoming the best version of herself. She enjoys simple things. She loves reading, hosting, perfoming, travelling and most of all she loves learning.

She is both a dreamer and a planner, a lady who always keep a 1-5-10-year-plan with her. She is also a mom to a smart little boy, Angel IV (yes she is) and a furmom to three pawmazing bowows – Apollo, Hercules and Achilles.

She has been an academic scholar and a consistent honour student since grade school. When she graduated from UNI (AB LIACOM), she ranked  No. 1 in the College of Arts and Sciences and No. 3 in the entire University bagging the Magna Cum Laude award.

She has a combined 9  years of solid experience working in the corporate world. A charming negotiator and a strategic chap. Currently, she’s pursuing her Graduate Studies in Masters of Business Administration at Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom. She is also the Global Student Ambassador of the same school and an active Content Writer/Creator of LBU Student Blog Squad [EDITED 08 JAN 21]

She has quite a long list of plans after her MBA but she prefers to keep it within her circle yet. Who knows she will start a page about it if both the providence and kismet permit.

The Blog

I always have penchant in learning new skills. I felt then that I had to start working on my writing skills since I am and was never really good at it. Hence, I started this blog to print my ideas and readings, and hopefully learn the writing techniques along the way.

It was challenging at the onset. I was too anxious on my grammar, sentence connection and parallelism. Being that conscious, I’d normally lose trail of the thoughts I wanted to express. Slowly, I was able to discover my cheer and learned to be nescient on trivial English Language intricacies.

When I started feeling self-assured, I applied to be part of the incognito writers’ community. Got accepted which at times gave me myriad of excuses not to publish entries here. I needed some extra quid.

The content

It really varies. It’s very personal. When inspiration strikes, I snick the keyboard and that’s it. I have no specific content yet. I just write to improve and to continue improving. I’ve got over 10 categories published here but my favourite of all are those entries under the Quintessence and Open Prose. While reading, you would definitely feel my heart and soul into it.

Defeating SLE is a bit different since it is a narration of my medical journey. It is sad, harrowing but at the same time inspiring. Hopefully, all those brave warriors out there will be able to find solace and receive healing.

The Followers

Thank you for showing me your heart and soul as well. Imagine, you all have been with me the moment I started in 2018. It’s amazing. I am feeling so welcomed and I do feel your trueheartedness. I’m not expecting the numbers will shoot like a rocket since I don’t advertise my entries but I don’t expect it will plummet as well. I had a number of hiccups and almost belch but hey, you guys are still here so now I’m really jazzing. Today is a rebirth and my desire to show you more of me is oh-so kindling.

Bear with me as I’d like to keep my real name as of this writing. No reason or whatsoever. Ian The Pedestrian just completely embodies everything about me and soon as you start digging my posts and pages, you’ll see. Welcome into my jazz.

❤️ Happy reading ❤️.

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