From Sole to Soul in Seoul

Soon as the plane landed, I immediately posted a video of my ‘juiced-up face’ in one of my social media accounts – Welcome to Korea! Promptly, I received gibberish comments and PMs… 

“Good luck on your plastic surgery. Hope everything goes well.”

“Do well on your K-Pop audition. We are proud of you!”

How much I wanted to lob stern remarks to these “social homophobes” but chose to remain silent and left them on a seen-zone. Yes, those are real messages from real people. 

Why such messages, I pondered. Is there something wrong with my feat or am I really that talented to likely earn a spot in the Korean stage. LOL! I was not informed by my very self that I am going under the knife. I am blest with this Jollibee-face feat. And no offense, I don’t hate K-Pop but I am not a fan either. I embrace Philippine folk songs and folk dances as Tininkling and Singkil – both would remain the closest to my heart.

Is South Korea only known for plastic surgery and K-pop? Or there’s this clandestine beauty we still yet to unearth? Perhaps, there is no need for another discovery since these treasure troves have been there for so long, we’re just oblivious and too focused on beauty and fame.  It was not like it until the birth of Friendster, Facebook and IG – the social media craze! The beginning of vanity where people find solace in the number of likes and reactions pinned.

Are you conscious on how people look at you? If your face looks symmetrical or if your skin is fair and flawless? Are you worried whenever you post a selfie and nobody notices? Are you rooting your self- worth on tip-top comments which seems sincere but are actually a mockery? Do the fragmented moments you spend on social media make you feel depressed and lonely – comparing self to friends, envying folks traveling often, enormous jealousy seeing a family happily having a get together and more? Do you also get easily affected when people flaunt their outrageous comments on your posts?

I was then…..that’s why I let go of the debauchery. I was completely consumed by such nonsense and my trip to Seoul saved my poor Soul. I started taking control and took regard on things that verily matters. I went back to my books. I started writing again. I spend more quality time with my kith and kin – simply having great moments which are not curated and not publicly posted but are forever cherished.

Was it easy giving up the drill I was used to for quite some time? Sincerely, it was not and the first 2 weeks were the hardest. I was always tempted to re-download FB and IG app – open it and just start browsing recent activities of friends. However, I kept the discipline. I called some good friends to help me be on track. I prayed well not to be tempted too.

Today I am enjoying my freedom. I worry less. No more distractions. No more scrolling up and down. No more wasted time. I expunged my accounts but I jumpstarted this personal blog few months back. I lost a thousand FB and IG followers but gained real friends. I no longer have that strong connections to the virtual world but I am very much attached to the real world – real people with real stories. 


“How long are you going to stay there?” Frankly I don’t know. Perhaps, until my sole is jaded gallivanting Seoul or when I can finally feel the revival my Soul.


Changdeokgung Palace

Myeongdong Cathedral
The national cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seoul –  Church of the Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception also known Myeongdong Cathedral
Itaewon St
A night of drink and fun with friends at Itaewon.

the wall

Deoksugung Stone Wall Road where I’ve finally revived my soul.

Editor’s Note: I am not saying I will completely shun myself away from the social media sites. Perhaps, one day I will start reopening it so my blog articles could reach a lot people.

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